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YOUR IRON EDGE REPRESENTATIVE. Our team of investment professionals will make sure that you have met the qualifications as an investor. They are responsible for making sure that you are well-informed about everything including our offers and your options. Upon approval, you will get much more information that you need to go further. With over 10 years experience in investment management and private equity, it is essential for us not only to create a winning partnership but also provide good support through all information from both sides.


TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF. We will provide you a link to complete the required questionnaire, tax form, and in some cases, other simple administrative documents. You will be asked to submit the required identification forms for “Know Your Customer” and “Anti-Money Laundering” purposes. A Signature Page will only be required for subsequent investments.


FUND YOUR INVESTMENT.Providing your Capital Commitment will complete your pre-ipo investment. You will, then, secure your place among an exclusive group of pre-IPO shareholders with our easy-to-follow wiring or check submission procedures.

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Strong Partnerships

At Iron Edge, our professional relationships with you are bound in trust, honesty and communication.

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A safe marketplace

Your security is of paramount importance. At Iron Edge VC, we work only with IPO companies that we have done due diligence with. We are with you all the way.

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Positive ROI

Our special industry insights and financial expertise creates an exceptional experience for investors looking for high-potential investment opportunities.