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Anduril Industries Pre-IPO

Led by co-founder and CEO Brian Schimpf, Anduril Industries is a manufacturer of defence products that creates equipment for military and law enforcement organisations. Anduril devotes the best technological minds to tackling the most difficult problems in national security. It builds cutting-edge technologies to assist and safeguard people who defend the country and its interests on the front lines.

Lattice, the company's AI-powered software, combines real-time sensor data with computer vision, machine learning, and mesh networking to produce a single, autonomous operational image and command - and - control platform.

To offer situational awareness throughout the southwest border, and on military facilities in the United States and overseas, Lattice connects Anduril's family of site security systems, which autonomously identify, track, and intercept intruders such as humans, drones, and other vehicles. Lattice is also the operating system that allows Anduril's autonomous unmanned aircraft to fulfill their missions, such as the new Ghost 4 sUAS.

Brian Schimpf and Palmer Luckey, two well-known industry figures, collaborated on the creation of Anduril. Brian Schimpf was formerly the Director of Engineering at Palantir Technologies. He also founded Cornell University's autonomous vehicle research programme, where his teams participated in DARPA's Grand Challenge and Urban Challenge. Palmer Luckey is a well-known American inventor and entrepreneur who founded Oculus Rift, and Oculus VR that was acquired by Facebook for £1.6 billion in 2014.

Why Invest in Anduril Especially Before its IPO

After a £328 million financing round, the value of Anduril Industries has more than doubled to £3.3 billion.

Angel investor and serial entrepreneur Elad Gil, a former Twitter vice president and Googler, led the latest Series D round of funding. Gil has a history of investing in fast-growing startups. Andreessen Horowitz, Founders Fund, 8VC, General Catalyst, Lux Capital, Valor Equity Partners, and D1 Capital Partners were also part of the round.

Anduril launched quietly in 2017 but rapidly expanded under the Trump administration, scooping up contracts with Customs and Border Protection and the Marine Corps. President Trump's most famous supporter in the usually Trump-averse tech sector was Palmer Luckey, a young successful entrepreneur who sold Oculus to Facebook before being fired from the business.

Contracts with US and UK Government Agencies

In 2020, the company's collaboration with US Customs and Border Protection progressed from a pilot to a programme of record. Anduril provides the agency with networked surveillance towers capable of monitoring sections of the US border independently.

CBP paid Anduril £18.2 million in September 2020 and another £26 million the following month for their AI-powered autonomous surveillance towers in the US southern border. The government intends to build 200 towers by 2022 as part of a multi-year deal with the contractor for more than £145.7 million.

In September of 2021, a £3.8 million (US$5.2 million) contract for up to two years was granted to Anduril by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) Strategic Command's Innovation Hub (jHub) to showcase sophisticated multi-domain integrated force protection technologies. Anduril's cutting-edge technology will be used for base defence, protecting people and infrastructure from a constantly changing set of threats.

Ghost Drones for Military Defense

But Anduril wasn't only credited for the country's virtual borders. While the firm initially maintained a low profile, in the past year it has been more forthcoming about its drone capabilities in particular. Anduril earlier announced the debut of “Anvil,” a counter-UAS drone that can detect a target and knock it out of the sky. This time, Anduril's tiny, ultra-quiet “Ghost” drones get a major upgrade. Ghost 4, which is the latest version of his Ghost drones, is a new generation of VTOL sUAS drones that provide real-time combat information with a single operational picture, allowing soldiers and women to make better choices.

Now that Anduril's work is included in the Homeland Security budget, the door was left open for much more lucrative military employment.

Some of the Notable Investors of Anduril:

Anduril's Founders & Key Executive Team

  • Brian Schimpf (Co-Founder and CEO)
  • Palmer Luckey (Founder)
  • Trae’ Stephens (Co-Founder and Executive Chairman)
  • Matt Grimm (Co-Founder and COO)
  • Joseph Chen (Co-Founder)
  • Christian Brose (Chief Strategy Officer)
  • Michael Galvin (Chief Financial Officer)