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NextRoll Inc. (formerly Adroll) Pre-IPO

NextRoll (previously AdRoll Group) is a marketing technology firm that specializes in developing digital solutions for audacious marketers, and that offers tools these marketers depend on and use to drive their companies forward. 

In 2019, it introduced its three business units, which include AdRoll, a growth platform for DTC companies; RollWorks, an account-based platform for B2B companies; and NextRoll Platform Services, a platform-as-a-service that is particularly useful for brands, agencies, marketplaces, publishers, and marketing platforms to expand or further develop their existing marketing capabilities, or to add new income streams.

NextRoll's machine learning technology is built on gathering and processing massive amounts of data to provide actionable insights to companies that they can use to reach customers more effectively on a single platform. Furthermore, it helps businesses deliver marketing messages, engage targeted audiences, and measure which initiatives have the most effect.

NextRoll Platform Services makes use of rich data assets for unified, people-based profiles spanning first-, second-, and third-party data, including over 500 million personas and 1 billion devices. 

Their customers have the flexibility to scale their operations based on the amount of data and events they have, with global infrastructure and server coverage that includes over 110 countries and manages up to five petabytes of stored data and 12 trillion real-time events extracted and processed daily.

NextRoll Pre-IPO Details You Should Know

NextRoll has received £80M in 10 rounds of financing, executing a private secondary transaction on top of that. They secured a £50M Series D round after raising $35M in Series C and went public at a post-money value of £431.6 million, a 4.88x increase. 

Perhaps the most notable early stock buyer was Peter Thiel's Founders Fund. PayPal and Palantir co-founder Peter Thiel have invested in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yelp early on. Doing so could help to show that he understands how to make his money to work and, as a result, that NextRoll might have some legs to stand on.

NextRoll stock is very promising since they have been earning income since 2012, and they expect to pull in £126 million in 2021. To put it another way, they are forecasting record EBITDA of £432 million into the eighth digits, increasing by 400% over the previous year. Investors who value their TD Ameritrade accounts will be interested in purchasing a few shares of NextRoll, however at this time this cannot be done. NextRoll, being a private business, has no public stock market listing, and as such, you cannot buy shares in the firm using ordinary financial instruments. 

Iron Edge VC may, however, offer you access to our Fund, which has a stake in this firm that uses innovative and pioneering AI to the very business of establishing commerce.

NextRoll’s Key Executive Team:

  • Robin Bordoli (Chief Executive Officer, President of RollWorks)
  • Peter Krivkovich (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Valentino Volonghi (Chief Technology Officer)
  • Roli Saxena (President of AdRoll)
  • Amy LeBold (EVP of People)
  • Patrick Mee (EVP of Engineering)
  • Ashley Narsutis (VP of Legal)