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Orbital Insight Pre-IPO

Orbital Insight has made AI and computer vision a powerful tool for mining petabytes of multi-source geospatial data, including satellite and SAR images, location intelligence, and vessel traffic (AIS) data enabling businesses, governments and NGOs to avail software that interprets data at a petabyte-scale which will then help in making business and policy decisions. Creative use of geospatial analytics is now made possible via this platform and service which offers a clear knowledge of socioeconomic and demographic patterns. 

To help with computer identification, images are manually labeled. The technology can be used for many different applications, including gauging the size of a retail market by counting the number of cars at shopping malls, determining the extent of damages from natural disasters by looking at stockpiles of fuel, and supporting military strategy in determining the threat.

In 2018, Orbital Insight launched Global Geospatial Crude Index (GCI), a single number reporting global crude oil inventory. The GCI objectively collects global crude inventory information and insight on a daily basis, while anybody following the oil business usually looks to either the IEA's Monthly Oil Market Report or OPEC's Monthly Oil Market Report, which offer oil inventory data on a 30-40 day lag.

Another tool that their customers may use is Orbital Insight GO, a self-service satellite imagery and geospatial data analysis application. It is intended to ease the usage of location data by enabling users to answer a variety of difficult spatial queries.

Why Invest in Orbital Insight Stock

Orbital Insight was founded in 2013, and is funded by many prominent venture investors in Silicon Valley. In just four rounds of funding, they have already received £89 million. The last funding round was co-led from Sequoia Capital and Clearvision Ventures.

Following its Series C financing round in 2017, Orbital Insight is investing in several geospatial data sources like optical satellite imagery, synthetic aperture radar (SAR), drone and aerial imagery, location-based intelligence, connected devices, vessel tracking (AIS) to enhance its multi-source geospatial service. In practice, the current user cases include supply chain monitoring, real estate analysis, infrastructure mapping, and military and intelligence.

When they launched Orbital Insight GO in the American, European, and Asian markets in May 2019, there was a big spike of demand from clients looking for trusted geospatial data to efficiently, accurately, and economically analyze infrastructure, distribution networks, commodity markets, and areas concerning national security.

Orbital Insight has also formed key relations with companies like Airbus to co-develop strong change analysis and insights for Airbus Defense and Intelligence clients. Today, major financial services businesses, Global 2000 enterprises, numerous US government agencies, and global non-profit groups rely heavily on the platform.

It is not possible to buy shares in Orbital Insight until they become accessible to the public. Your pals at Iron Edge VC can help you get in on the ground floor of this profitable business before it becomes any more popular (floating or otherwise). Still early enough in the game to stay ahead of the competition. Contact us by clicking "Get in Touch" below if you'd like to learn more, or if you know of anyone else who might.

Orbital Insight Key Executive Team

  • James Crawford (Founder, Chairman and CTO)
  • Kevin O’Brien (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Jim Cook (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Jim Demetros (SVP Sales)
  • Jen Tellefsen (SVP Product & Marketing)