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Skykick Pre-IPO

SkyKick is a cloud management program designed to help IT Service Providers in establishing more profitable cloud services. Their software products and platform are engineered to help automating IT operations in the cloud uncomplicated yet efficient. 

Data is critical to the survival of every modern enterprise, regardless of size. A ransomware attack, hard drive failure, or simple human mistake that results in the loss of firm data might jeopardize the organization's future and tarnish a spotless image overnight.

SkyKick is Microsoft's one-stop shop for a variety of vexing technology issues. This dependable and revolutionary backup solution is intended for businesses who now operate their own local Office Exchange Servers but would prefer the convenience and security of the cloud.

Simply said, SkyKick is a backup solution for Office 365 for organizations of all sizes. SkyKick makes company managers' life simpler by automating the backup process, allowing them to concentrate on other essential responsibilities, such as keeping their customers satisfied.

Why Invest in Skykick

SkyKick has raised a total of £51M in funding across 10 rounds. SkyKick last raised £28M in May 2018. 

One of the Iron Edge newsletters went into deeper depth regarding SkyKick's operations ("'Excuse Me While I Kick the Sky,' ' March 24, 2021), but we'll convey our interest in the firm more clearly here. Rubrik's sandbox is one of the larger businesses. Their success is contingent on grabbing up a portion of the major companies' storage expenditures. There's a lot of money to be made that way, but Rubrik competes in a competitive marketplace. SkyKick, on the other hand, is dedicated to serving small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs). SkyKick has lesser rivalry for SMB funds, yet the quantity of SMBs provides a wealth of income potential.

More than 20,000 IT partners across the world are using SkyKick to grow their cloud businesses. While Rubrik makes a huge deal out of seeking the most well-known accounts, SkyKick discreetly reaps the benefits of their goal to serve the neglected.
SkyKick is led by co-founders and co-CEOs Evan Richman (Berkeley, MIT Sloan, Microsoft) and Todd Schwartz (MIT Sloan, Deloitte, Accenture, Microsoft), and the firm has exciting growth possibilities.

The value is the huge, massive, gleaming cherry on top, at least for us. We have a low- to mid-£211 million bid for SkyKick —- that's "million" with a "M." This one is certainly not in the “unrestricted valuation” category right now.

This is how Iron Edge VC feels that careful investment will benefit our clients in the long run. SkyKick is a privately owned company, hence its stock cannot be acquired on a stock exchange. Nonetheless, we can give you access to our fund, which contains shares of this firm as well as many others with reasonable prices.

Some of the Notable Investors of Skykick:

Skykick CEO and Key Executive Team

  • Evan Richman (Co-Founder & Co-CEO)
  • Brad Younge (Co-Founder & CTO)
  • Todd Schwartz (Co-Founder & Co-CEO)
  • Robert Karaban Jr (VP of Engineering)