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SpaceX Pre-IPO

Space Exploration Technologies (“SpaceX”) was formed with the objective of designing, engineering, and launching sophisticated commercial rockets and spaceships with the ultimate objective of allowing humans to inhabit other planets.

Elon Musk created the corporation in 2002, with headquarters in Hawthorne, California. Despite the fact that its interplanetary aspirations have yet to be realized, the business now produces income through corporate and government contracts. These contracts call for SpaceX rockets to be used for a variety of purposes, including orbital satellites and resupply of the International Space Station.

SpaceX showed its ability to recover a spacecraft from low Earth orbit in 2010. In 2012, the corporation used its Dragon spacecraft to transport supplies to and from the International Space Station. Through March 2018, SpaceX had added 100 missions to its manifest, totaling more than £8 billion in contract value.

Is it worth investing in SpaceX?

The purpose of establishing this company is to reduce the cost of space transportation and possible colonization of Mars. They dream that one day, traveling to Mars would be accessible to anyone.

As of April 2021, SpaceX has raised £1.1 billion in equity capital in over 40 rounds, valuing the firm at £52 billion. This compared to a £32 billion value based on a £1.4 billion financing in August. So, what exactly has happened for SpaceX to achieve a 60% increase in value?

There is a significant deviation from government-led space missions toward private-sector initiatives, and SpaceX has a proud history of receiving contracts from government bodies, including NASA and the US Department of Defense. Starlink, SpaceX's satellite-based Internet service, which we believe will be a major driving force of the company's ultimate potential, entered beta testing a few months ago and is expected to begin producing money this year.

This year, we project SpaceX's total number of launches to increase, pushing total revenue to around £1.1 billion. In addition, new fields such as spaceflight and point-to-point transport infrastructure around the globe are on SpaceX's radar, which might aid profits in the foreseeable future.

The brave one’s even NASA, believed in SpaceX. What more do you need to know?

Will SpaceX Go Public?

Do we have the assurance that SpaceX will IPO? Recently, Elon Musk has spoken up regarding SpaceX going public on his Twitter account. He had mentioned that Starlink, a satellite internet service provider that is currently in development, will most probably go public someday in the near future once the revenue growth is smooth and reasonably predictable. We can hold on to that even though Musk did not declare the exact IPO date yet.

Despite the fact that SpaceX has not yet gone entirely public, it is clearly visible that many investors,  may it be small retail investors or large institutional investors, are looking forward to investing in SpaceX. But why settle to wait any longer before they finally release the IPO date and go public? This is actually the perfect time for you to invest in SpaceX Pre-IPO while they are yet to be listed in the public exchange market.

SpaceX CEO and Key Executive Team

  • Elon Musk (Co-founder, CEO, and Chief Engineer/Designer)
  • Bret Johnsen (CFO)
  • David Harris (Acting General Counsel)
  • Gwynne E. Shotwell (President and Chief operating Officer)
  • Thomas Mueller (Co-founder and Senior Advisor)
  • Gwynne E. Shotwell (President and Chief operating Officer)
  • Thomas Mueller (Co-founder and Senior Advisor)
  • Brian Gower (Chief Marketing Officer)
  • Mathew Dunn (Senior Director, Government Affairs)
  • Jonathan Hofeller (Vice President of Starlink & Commercial Sales)
  • Brian Bjelde (Vice Presidents of Human Resources)