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Pre-IPO ZocDoc

Zocdoc is a firm established in New York City, United States. It provides an online service that allows anyone to discover and schedule in-person or telemedicine consultations for medical or dental services. The portal also serves as a rating and feedback resource for physicians and dentists. Patients are not charged for the service, while doctors need to pay to promote their appointment times. Launched in 2007, the private firm had a £1.2 billion value by August 2015, the third-highest for a startup in New York around that time

Millions of people use Zocdoc every month to identify in-network local physicians, immediately schedule appointments online, read verified patients' reviews, receive reminders for future visits and preventive check-ups, complete required paperwork online, and more.

With a goal to empower patients, Zocdoc's online service provides patients with the most accessible and streamlined experience they seek and deserve. Patients may use Zocdoc for free and from anywhere in the United States by visiting or downloading the Zocdoc app for iPhone and Android.

By May 2021, the company reportedly had 650 employees, served 2,000 cities and had five million users booking appointments every month.

Why Invest in ZocDoc

Zocdoc's most recent slew of publicly announced funding was in 2015, when it received  £91 million in a Series D offering, so it may need to seek funds again if it isn't lucrative enough to continue growing all on it's own. 

Venture capital companies such as Khosla Ventures and Bezos Expeditions, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, SV Angel, Atomico, as well as investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, are among the company's significant investors. This resulted in a £1.4 billion valuation by August 2015. It would be unlikely if these corporations will not urge the company's executives to launch a major initial public offering. 

With its expanding telehealth business and large physician-targeted appointment booking service, Zocdoc is one to keep an eye on in the coming years. At the moment, Zocdoc looks to be prepared for ongoing expansion as a consequence of its new telehealth strategy, but it's difficult to predict when the firm will go public. 

The most recent fundraising phase for ZocDoc was estimated to be £105 million in February 2021. ZocDoc has raised £265 million in total. According to reports, ZocDoc's recent valuation is £1.4 billion.

For ZocDoc’s most current information on funding rounds, capital raised and valuation, please click here.

Some of the Notable Investors of ZocDoc:

ZocDoc’ Key Executive Team

  • Oliver Kharraz (Chief Executive Officer & Founder
  • Nick Ganju (Founder)
  • Scott Kim (President)
  • Netta Samroengraja ( Chief Business Officer)
  • Ketan Chaukar (VP of Business Development)